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Prime Factors Motorcycles are your local one-stop shop for all things bike-related in the Croydon area. Not only do we stock a wide range of essential biking accessories and racing bike parts to tune up your bike, we also provide peerless motorcycle servicing and motorbike repairs. Prime Factors are widely known for not only their endurance racing team and their distribution of parts from market-leading brands, but most of all their expert motorcycle repairs and motorbike servicing.


Winter can be tough on a motorbike and its owner; conditions are poor on the roads of Croydon and your pride and joy can suffer in the cold weather. On this page, we’ve looked at how you can get your bike ready for spring and summer after the long winter months, with the help of the team at Prime Factors.


Performing Maintenance


If it’s been a few months since you’ve taken your bike for a ride, you’ll need to make sure your motorcycle is still in good shape. By consulting your motorbike owner’s manual, a rider with a decent level of mechanical skill can perform most of the motorcycle repairs discussed here. However, there may be things covered here not in the manual; if that’s the case, it may be wise to pop into Prime Factors’ garage for motorbike servicing.


Fuel System – Sometimes riders park their bikes over the colder months and forget to add fuel stabiliser to petrol. As a result, many Croydon bikers find fuel system failures a common mechanical problem when spring rolls around. Old fuel can turn into a viscous fluid that clogs up passageways in the system over winter. This issue is all the more significant with vintage models with carburettors, but bikes with fuel-injected systems can also suffer from them.


If the fuel is left destabilised, you may need to invest the time and money in a thorough fuel system clean. Keep in mind that if the fuel in your tank is old, you shouldn’t be starting your motorbike. Instead, drain it from the tank, in addition to the carburettors if applicable, preventing stale petrol from moving through the system. If your bike still isn’t running well after draining, it may be time to contact Prime Factors for motorcycle repairs.


Air Filter – Inspect your filter, as pests/rodents often turn up in air boxes. Get rid of any debris and swap out the filter if it looks dirty. As part of our motorcycle servicing range, Prime Factors stock a variety of filters, but if we don’t have the specialist parts that some Croydon bikers may require, we can order it for you and notify you when available.


Tyres – Tyre pressure is something to look out for, as obviously it drops over time, and low pressure tyres can badly affect handling. Place a gauge on the stems before you take your bike out of the garage and onto the Croydon roads as part of your motorbike repairs ritual.

Alternatively, book yourself in for motorbike repairs at our garage, who can inspect your tyres thoroughly and replace air professionally. If the tread wears to near the 1.6mm legal depth minimum, or if tyres show signs of rot, it may be wise to replace old tyres with fresh rubber.


Drive Train – It’s also important to check if your drive chain has experienced any wear when taking on motorcycle servicing yourself. Sprockets shouldn’t display signs of hooking and the chain should not pull too far from the rear of the sprocket. If everything looks in order, take a look at its adjustment and lubricate your chain.


If improperly cared for before storing, the chain may have rusted, which will require a thorough clean and relubrication once the chain is warm. If the chain and sprockets require replacing, these are available from the motorbike servicing team at Prime Factors.


Engine Fluids – Also take a look at your oil levels. If needed, change the oil and filter if you haven’t in a while. Old engine oil contains acids that can interfere with your vehicle. Croydon bikers whose vehicles are liquid-cooled should note that coolant levels require checking, including the fluid in their overflow tank.


Brakes – It’s vital you look after your brakes. Press both the front and rear brake pedals to ensure they feel firm. Peek in the sight glass to see that your brake fluid levels are adequate; if the fluid is a light to dark brown colour, it may be pertinent to bring your bike to our garage for motorcycle servicing.


Croydon motorcyclists should also check front/rear brake callipers to gauge how much much pad material remains. The majority of brake pads have a notch cut in them to indicate when it’s time for a change. If in doubt, call our motorcycle repairs team to replace them.


Batteries, Lights, Cables and Fasteners – Weak/dead batteries are some of the most common issues that can make it hard to revive a bike after a dormant period. If the battery is kept charged, well done; however, if you’re finding the battery will not hold the charge, you will need to invest in a new battery, available from our motorbike servicing garage near Croydon.


Also check your lights are fully operating. Focus your attention on front and rear switches that illuminate brake lights, turn signals, headlights and taillights to make sure they work. Ensure the throttle, clutch and brake cables are operating smoothly before heading out. Last but not least, tighten all the loose fasteners across the bike and you should be good to get back on the Croydon roads!


Some Croydon bikers might not have the time or skills to carry out motorbike repairs themselves; call 0203 727 5678 and leave motorcycle servicing to the professionals.

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