Are you gearing up for a race in or around the London area? Our professional race bike preparation service ensures your motorcycle is ready to go when it finally rolls round. Situated nearby London in Surrey’s Redhill, we also offer a competitively priced track bike preparation services for those who aren’t quite competing yet, but who are looking to improve their machines.


Our relationships mean we can inspect, service and repair all types of race bike. The partnerships grant us access to a huge range of track day parts, as well as those from other manufacturers. As the retail division of Prime Factors Racing, we have heaps of experience in race bike preparation; our team is a world-renowned endurance racing team after all. This retail element to our business allows us to offer our mechanical expertise to amateur riders in and around the London area.


Below we’ve listed a number of things that amateur riders around London should consider when carrying out amateur track bike preparation. If you’d rather a professional take care of it, bring it in to our race bike preparation team, who have access to all types of Alpha Racing bike parts.

Race Bike Preparation Check List


Oil Filters – Many tracks around London require riders to secure their bike’s “spin on” oil filter with a hose clamp. This is because not all bike owners properly tighten their filter after an oil change. When oil leaks on to a track, it can prove very dangerous. As a stockist of Alpha Racing bike parts and track day parts, we have hose clamps available at very affordable prices.


Brakes & Brake Pads – Check that both your front and rear brakes are working properly, and that your brake pad thickness is sufficient. The majority of brake pads have a notch cut in them, and when this disappears this signals it’s time for a change. Some London riders like to ere on the side of caution and change pads when they’re about half way worn down. If in doubt, ask a professional.


Tyres – One of the most essential parts of track bike preparation. If you have insufficient tread on your tires you will not be allowed to participate. All UK tracks, including those in London, require tires to be in excellent condition with plenty of tread remaining. Get them changed if yours have worn below their tread indicators.


Chain/Belt – While sitting on your bike, your chain/belt should have enough slack to move up and down by about two inches. If your chain is too tight it runs the risk of snapping or restricting your suspension movement. It’s also important to ensure your chain isn’t rusted or degraded in a similar way.



For a thorough race and track bike preparation service near London, call 01737 304220.

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